Sherry Walling, PhD



Can you see yourself sitting on the deck of a mountain chalet, journal in hand, jotting down an idea that will transform the way you run your business?

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not. Taking regular retreats is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a leader. A retreat is a powerful practice. It is not a vacation. It is not a time out. A retreat is a focused time in. If done well, an annual retreat can be your catalyst for enormous productivity, assumption-shattering creativity,  and deep growth.

There's no question that a retreat should be a standard part of every leader's schedule.

But how do you get started? How do you make the most of your time? How do you translate the mountain top to the Monday scrum meeting?

Can I walk you through it?


I’ve written a brief guide to founder retreats and have recorded a few podcasts specifically on this topic: Getting Started with Retreats and A Deep Dive on Retreats.

I’m happy to work with you to plan your personal retreat, or a retreat for your company.


Personal retreat

Before you go, I’ll help you identify the specific questions to reflect on and craft a plan to help you organize your time. We’ll schedule a mid-retreat conversation to help you deepen your reflections or adjust your tactics. After your retreat I’ll debrief with you and help you form epiphanies into actionable strategies.


Company retreat

You want to lead a team that is highly motivated, low-drama, and excellent at what they do.

Can you imagine your team wearing flip flips, sitting under a cabana by the ocean? They’re talking about how they’d shoot a video series featuring your star customers dressed as superheros. It’s a little silly. But maybe genius.  

One way to support a great team is to invest in an annual retreat.

It is a big investment and I can help you optimize the return.

I help with company retreats in a couple of ways:

1) Architect it. We work together to do the high level planning. This involves assessing the priorities you have for your team and choosing the kinds of activities/experiences that will best accomplish those goals. The specific activities are then planned and implemented by you and your admin staff.

2) Facilitate it. I come lead the retreat and/or connect you to speakers who are a good fit for your goals. This is typically a combination of talks and interactive experiences. I can be on site for part or all of the event to help facilitate team connection, focus, relaxation, and fun(!).



Sherry helped our team focus on what matters most during our company retreat. Starting with the planning process and the detailed daily schedule, she helped guide the entire retreat. Her exercises and activities helped us connect with one another and made our team stronger than it was before. Her talks were inspiring. I can honestly say she helped guide very real positive change for our team.
— Chris Woods, CEO & Founder, BAM
Sherry is skilled at her role, an effective communicator and a real force of nature. Adaptable and soothing at the same time. I am happy I was able to experience this retreat with her leading us through some awkward territory and I personally came to this retreat  with a negative view, so it was wonderful to have my mind changed.
— Angela Palmer, Director of Operations at Crowd Favorite
90% of the time I spend awake I’m thinking about my business in some capacity. This jumps to 99.9% percent of my attention if the site is down, payments aren’t being processed, or there is a major problem in production. Attending the retreat with Sherry, Trisha and I were able to disconnect from our complicated, stressful day-to-day life and focus on each other. We learned tactics that we have immediately applied to our relationship (with a lot of success!) If you’re looking to improve your relationship while running a business, give Sherry a try. You won’t regret it.
— Adrian Rosebrock, PyImage Search
I really liked all the meeting with Sherry. These are topics we usually take for granted and it was great to have an expert guide leading our introspection.
— Carlos, participant in a company retreat