Sherry Walling, PhD

You are capable of more.


I have a secret to tell you.

It’s a secret about you. And about me. And about the rockstar entrepreneur that you follow on Twitter.

You don’t have it all figured out. You’re not the person you’d like to be. You are capable of more.

I know that’s uncomfortable. I know you expect a lot from yourself.

And a lot of people expect a lot from you: your customers, your business partner, your team, your significant other, your kids, your parents, your friends. Sometimes the challenges are tremendous and you’re just not sure what to do or how to move forward.

The best thing about this dirty little secret is that you don’t have to have it all figured out. You can be a work in progress. You can be someone who is growing, who is in the process of leveling up.   

The truth is, most of us don’t do our best growth in a vacuum. We aren’t awesome at seeing our own blindspots and it can be tricky to come up with new solutions when we’re staring at the same set of variables day after day. We need a sounding board or input from a different perspective.


That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent 10,000 hours talking with folks like you. Literally, 10,000 hours. I had to track the first 5,000 to earn my doctorate and apply for a psychologist license. I’m a samurai at deep listening, pattern recognition, and helping people see themselves in new ways.

When you are having conflict with an important person, when you are feeling burnt out and unfocused, when you are facing a big decision, when you have a sense that you are on the cusp of something greater but not sure how to nudge yourself over the edge… I can help.

You aren’t perfect. But you aren’t stuck either. Clarity, energy, joy, impact, purpose… these and more are possible for you. To be honest, they may be your most important work  


I’m here for you. And for your team. 

Have you seen the show Billions? Dr. Wendy Rhodes is a kickass doctor on staff at a hedge fund. She’s a performance coach for hard-driving individuals and a magician at helping a team flow as a highly-focused, agile unit. 

While Dr. Wendy is fiction, Dr. Sherry isn’t. 

There’s a special magic that happens when high performing individuals are actively pursuing their own growth in sync with each other. If your senior leadership team is ready to level up, let’s talk. 


A relationship that works

Sherry has a unique combination of experience and education that results in an ability to completely understand what founders go through. She understands founders, and has the unique ability to read and relate to each individual. The result is truly helpful, not regurgitated pop psychology or the “coaches” who haven’t been there before themselves.
— Jason Cohen, WP Engine
Being newly married, and feeling the overwhelming weight of a startup, Sherry helped me navigate one of the hardest seasons of my life. She’s an incredible listener, she gave me sound advice, and she held me accountable to the actions that I said I would take. I would highly recommend Sherry to anyone!
— James C
I’ve worked with a handful of therapists, doctors, and counselors over my lifetime regarding both personal and business related issues — Sherry is *by far* the best. Her empathy is unrivaled, allowing you to take the time to slow down your life, think more clearly, and focus on what matters most: your family and how to grow your business. I look forward to working with Sherry more in the future.
— Adrian R. 
I talked to other coaches and therapists before Sherry. The other therapist didn’t seem to have much understanding of business issues. The other therapist kept asking what felt like the wrong questions. Sherry asked questions that felt relevant and drove me toward answers that uncovered what was bothering me. Sherry’s experience with founders makes her best at identifying whatever is going on, and working to improve the situation.
— Anonymous founder