Psychologist. Yoga Teacher. Speaker.


I am happily married to startup founder Rob Walling. My experience supporting Rob through several iterations of the entrepreneurial life (along with this whole psychologist thing), make me uniquely qualified to be helpful to entrepreneurs and their families.

Rob and I co-host the weekly podcast, ZenFounder where we talk about lots of issues related to startups, family, wellness, and good-old-fashion sanity.

If you are a founder struggling with anxiety, relationship tension, decision making, focus, and any of the too-numerous-to-mention problems that can get in the  way of a start up… I may be able to help you get some traction. I am also happy to consult with couples or spouses of would-be founders who are not quite sure about what the entrepreneurial life may mean for them.

Feel free to contact me at to set-up a consultation by phone, Skype, FaceTime, etc.