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I’m not always good about updating my speaking schedule so feel free to contact with me for upcoming speaking engagements.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been up to lately:

October 2015: Interview on the Nights and Weekends Podcast

August 2015: Limits and Liabilities: Using where you came from to get where you are going. MicroConf, Barcelona, Spain.

June 2014: Small is Beautiful (and also REALLY hard): Emotional Wellness for Single Founder Businesses. Small is Beautiful Conference, Glasgow, Scotland.

May 2014: Cross Cultural Education: Models for Psychologists. San Joaquin Valley Psychological Association,  CEU course

May 2014: Worthy. Four presentations for the Annual Women’s Retreat. Calvin Crest Conference Center, Oakhurst, CA. 

April 2014: Making Entrepreneurship a Sustainable Lifestyle. MicroConf, Las Vegas, NV.

March 4-March 15, 2014: Cross Cultural Psychology: A course for graduates and undergraduates in Guatemala

February 28-March 1, 2014: Pursued Through Beauty, Prayer of the Heart Conference, University Presbyterian Church

July 19, 2013: Interview on Bootstrapped with Kids, Episode 15

April 28-30, 2013: Don’t Burn-up in the Launch: Staying Emotionally and Relationally Healthy while doing a Start-up; MicroConf, Las Vegas, NV

March 15-16, 2013: Trauma and Resilience in Urban Communities; City Summit Conference; Fresno, CA

February 14, 2013: It’s All About the Relationship: Working Alliance and Psychotherapy; Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds; University of California San Francisco, Fresno campus

January 17, 2013: Interview on local channel 47

2013: In 2013 I  hosted a weekly interview podcast called Parenting Reimagined. It’s available on iTunes and can be downloaded from


November 11, 2012: Fostering Thriving in Caregivers; College Community; Fresno, CA

September 11 & 12, 2012: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response; Air Force National Guard Chaplains Corp;  McGee-Tyson Air Force Base; Memphis, TN

August 28, 2012: Supporting Trauma Survivors; Community Regional Medical Center Chaplains; Fresno, CA


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