Psychologist. Yoga Teacher. Speaker.

I am a generalist (which means I do just about everything!).

I particularly enjoy working with physicians, entrepreneurs, pastors, psychologists, and other professionals who are feeling lost, ineffective, or disconnected. I have specialized experience with posttraumatic stress disorder, vicarious trauma, and vocational burnout. Check out my bio for more about my training and expertise.

As a therapist, I come alongside you, listen to you, and support you. Pain is an inevitable part of life, but suffering alone and suffering in silence are not our only choices.

My job is to combine my brain, intuition, and experience with the best available clinical theories and techniques so that I can support your pursuit of a satisfying, meaningful life.

I am committed to holistic health: emotional, cognitive, physical, relational, and spiritual. I love to creatively integrate spirituality, yoga, cultural traditions, art… whatever best helps you to reconnect to yourself and your community.

If you live in California or Minnesota and are looking for a therapist, don’t hesitate to get in touch.